simple, effortless, and affordable


Understanding your finances should NOT BE BORING OR DIFFICULT

Paramount simplifies bookkeeping for entrepreneurs. But our larger purpose expands beyond that. We’re here to help businesses understand what they want to do and where they want to go.

what we do

We take care of bookkeeping for small business owners. . To us, it’s more than number crunching. It's giving businesses more time to focus on what they care about.

how it started

It all started with couple of financial professionals coming together and realizing that bookkeeping and numbers do not need to be boring and complicated.


Paramount came into being to assist businesses simply finances and take advantage of the technologies instead of relying on aging methods and complicated excel sheets.

Image by Tyler Franta

who all we work with

From freelancers to multi-chain stores, as long as you require numbers to be managed, Paramount is here to assist


why we do, what we do

Our mission is to bring financial mastery to a million people, starting with small business owners.

Financial mastery is the idea that everyone, regardless of economic standing, should have full control of their finances. It’s more than knowing how to read an account statement—it’s providing people the assistance they need to stay on top of their finances, and improve their lives.

People and the quality of their lives. That, at its core, is what Paramount is about.